How To Play Mobile Legends For The Beginner - Playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang must be an interesting activity in spare time. Besides it has a fast mode, you can also train your strategy, concentration, and much more through this game.

For you who want to try playing Mobile Legends, here are some tips for playing Mobile Legends for the beginner (newbie/noob).

Mobile Legends is not only a game for pro gamers since most of the beginner already joined the game like DotA. In contrast, sometimes the presence of beginner in team player trigger some problems.

Tips for the Beginner Player of Mobile Legends

1. Accessibility of Internet Connection
A challenge of playing the strategic online game is an internet connection. Most of the beginner is not aware too much at this point.

Before starting to play, make sure that your internet connection is stable. It will avoid lag problem while playing the game. The lag will lead you to AFK, so it will lead some troubles for your teammates who are still struggling in the game.

Moreover, leave the game in the middle of the battle is not a right action.

2. Mastering One Hero
The next step for a beginner who wants to play Mobile Legends is you have to learn one hero at first. As a beginner, you might know nothing which hero which is perfect to try first.

Therefore, Moonton has some modes to learn about it. The mode is Custom Mode which has three additional modes like Match Up, Brawl Mode, and Draft Pick. For Draft Pick mode, you can try all heroes for free and choose one hero mastered.

If you already mastered one hero, so you can try other heroes of Mobile Legends. The heroes of Mobile Legends that are easy to get for the beginner are:
Yun Zhao

3. Set Build Item
If you already mastered one or more heroes of Mobile Legends, so you can set build the item that used in the game. This setting is for menu Preparation > Gear.

On the other hand, you can see an example on YouTube or live streaming if you still confuse which build item is compatible for certain hero.

4. Mini Map Checking
The next tips for a beginner of Mobile Legends are checking the minimap. Most of the beginner just began their game without checking the minimap. It will also trigger other some troubles for players in your team.

By checking the minimap, you will know how:
Estimate location of enemy
Attack on Lord
Attack on turtle
Help your teammates
Decide when you have to attack or hold out
And many more

5. Don’t Play It Alone
Still, for beginner player of Mobile Legends, don't play alone. In the early game, you can play alone. Meanwhile, your presence is needed in the middle of game to late game.

In a late game, make sure that you are not playing alone since the enemies will be stronger and you can be attacked to death.

6. Upgrade Emblem
After that, you can upgrade the Emblem of Mobile Legends. After finding the right hero, don't forget to choose emblem which can level up the strength of your hero. The higher level of an emblem, the stronger your hero is.

The other important thing doesn't get the wrong emblem. For instance, if you used Tigreal so it can be used for Tank emblem, not for Magic or Physical.

7. Watch the Record Regularly
Most of the professional gamers of Mobile Legends always recorded their battle and uploaded to YouTube or Facebook. Then, you can watch the record and learn their strategy.

Moreover, there is also the Live Streaming feature that allows you to watch the battle live from Mobile Legends game.

Those are some tips on how to play Mobile Legends for beginner, newbie, or noob that can be learned. Then, you can share on comment box for other suggestions.

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