How To Play Basket Ball

How to Play Basketball: The Important Aspects to Remember - So, how to play basketball correctly and properly? You don’t have to be exactly a rocket scientist to be able to play the basketball but it will be handy if you can learn the basic facts and knowledge. Getting the basic of the techniques is pretty easy but it is mostly about the skills and the methods of handling (and also controlling) the ball. So, what do you need to know about playing the ball, anyway?

Some of the Initial Understanding and Concept
Naturally, you need to set up a basketball court first. It is important to have the ball and the hoop. Don’t forget that the net should have the right size and measurement so the ball can easily pass through it. No, you don’t have to buy a special net that will cost you quite a lot. It would be better if you can make use of anything available. If you have soccer balls or empty boxes, you can make use of them to your heart desire.

Not many people know that the basketball comes in four different sizes designed for different users of intermediate, young, and adult. Different genders will also likely have different basketball. The basketball itself is made from synthetic leather and rubber, and you should be able to hold it without suffering from a wobble.

If you follow the regulation, the hoops would be about ten feet in height and 18 inches in the diameter, made from Plexiglas board on the back allowing the ball to bounce. If you only want to learn the basic or simply play with friends, you only need to have one hoop. But for tournaments, you need to have two hoops on each side of the court. This is the basic understanding of how to play basketball properly.

How to Properly Control the Ball
Basketball is basically about your personal skills in controlling the ball while moving with agility. The problem with the basketball is that you either have to dribble it (while moving or stationary) or stay in a stationary position with one foot planted on the floor.

Basketball is different from handball in terms that you can’t hold the ball all of the time while moving. You need to bounce the ball up and down the floor. If you want to do some pivot and make some maneuver, one of the feet should remain on the floor. Shooting while jumping is okay but when you return back, the ball shouldn’t still be with you – you need to remove it. Over dribble or double dribble isn’t allowed because it can violate the regulation.

The idea of how to play basketball is to control the ball by dribbling or passing. Dribbling properly takes a proper learning. It seems easy but it takes a while to master it. Professional basketball player is able to control and handle the ball with both hands, moving them back and forth as if the ball were a part of their hands. Dribbling with different body position also takes a while for earning.

Another thing that you need to learn properly is to bounce the ball correctly. Once you get the hang of it, learn to control the ball with both hands. The temptation to use your dominant hand may be stronger but it is a move that can be predicted by your opponent. If you can learn to handle the ball with both hands, not only your skill will improve but your movement won’t be easily predicted.

Don’t forget to always keep bouncing the ball around waist high level. And you need to learn to control it without looking at the ball most of the time. Professional players should be able to look around, viewing the position of the hoop, opponents, and team mates while still controlling the ball in their hands.

Make a Pass
If you have mastered the dribbling and you can do it pretty well while moving, you need to step on to the next level and work on the pass. Learn how to do different passes correctly; making a pass is one of the important aspects in knowing how to play basketball correctly. Making accurate and crisp passes will determine your success in winning the game.

Passing the ball can be done in three ways: you can do a bouncing pass, over the head pass, or a chest pass.
In doing the chest pass, you should hold the ball with both hands and making a gesture as if you were about to squeeze it out. Flick your hands outward to make the pass.
In doing a bounce pass, the first attempts are just the same as the chest pass. But instead of passing it directly to your team mate, you bounce it on the floor to reach your team mate. Is it possible to do one hand or two hand pass? Yes, both of them are possible.
In the over the head pass, the positions of the hands are higher than your head. This is an advantageous pass if your team mates (and you) are taller than the opponents.

Further Learning
If you have mastered dribble and pass, now it is time to learn how to shoot. In basketball, the hoop is higher than the head so you will have to jump. The idea of shooting is to put the ball into the hoop, so you can make score. The area around the hoop gets a two points calculation while farther area, such as the half court area, is getting three points. Whether you want to learn how to shoot while jumping or not, it takes some skills. And there is lay-up where you try to make a shoot while running closer to the hoop.

Again, playing basketball is pretty easy – it is basically trying to score to your opponent’s area – just like in soccer. But there is a certain method or mechanism and you need to learn the skills. Once you are able to master the skills and you really understand the concept of basketball, knowing how to play basketball is truly handy.

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